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Why you need a personal website in Kenya

Based on my personal experience with working with a number of clients in Kenya, blogging has the potential to open so many doors. Some might come as a surprise, while others need no explanation.

Blogging pays better.

This is probably the one point you’re most interested in. Yes, it is perfectly possible to earn a living through your blog, lots of people are doing it. But while it’s possible, it’s not easy. Those people you see making a success and a living as bloggers have been honing their craft for years. Through that time they’ve been experimenting and testing things to see what works.And those years of hustle, go hand-in-hand with long hours of work.

Choosing a profitable niche for your blog is a good place to start. Some are easier to earn money from than others. But, selling your services via your blog requires you to targeting the people most likely to hire you. Whichever route you go down, be prepared to work long and hard for it.

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